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Call for nominations of experts to contribute to the drafting of the second global assessment

The IPBES Plenary approved a scoping process for a second global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The second global assessment will be broadly similar in scope to the first global assessment while building on it to avoid repetition or unnecessary duplication.

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Nomination of experts

Nominated experts should have expertise relevant to a global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services in one or more disciplines within natural science, social science or humanities. IPBES is, in particular, seeking experts with an interdisciplinary background with experience working at various scales (e.g., global, regional, subregional, national, and ecosystem-level scales). Governments and organizations nominating experts are therefore encouraged to promote this multidisciplinary approach, which is fundamental to the success of IPBES. IPBES is also looking for experts on indigenous and local knowledge, for policy experts and for practitioners in a relevant field. Governments and relevant stakeholders are invited to ensure gender balance in their nominations. All nominated experts (Nominees) need to be available to attend the scoping meeting that is part of the scoping process, tentatively scheduled for March 2024. For more information please see here.

Information on the nomination from Switzerland

Interested candidates are kindly requested to contact the IPBES-CH coordination office (). After registering with IPBES (https://ipbes.net/user/register), the application form can be filled in until 12 November. If you want to be nominated through Switzerland, please select the IPBES Focal Point of Switzerland, Dr. Sebastian König, in the form. The IPBES-CH Coordination Unit will then confirm your nomination after a thorough review on the web portal. Experts who are selected accept the relevant conditions, including the fact that the time they give to IPBES is on a pro-bono basis. If they are successfully nominated by Switzerland, the IPBES-CH Coordination Unit may pay for their expenses when travelling to official IPBES meetings.