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The assessment report on the diverse values and valuation of nature

Summary for policymakers

The IPBES values assessment provides guidance to navigate pathways for reconciling a good quality of life with that of life on Earth and advancing the intertwined economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development in a balanced manner. It includes an understanding of the relations between different worldviews and values, a values typology, guidelines for designing and implementing valuation methods and processes, and for embedding the diverse values of nature into decision-making and policymaking. The assessment also highlights key capacities for working with multiple values to leverage transformative change across different stakeholders and institutions. Nature is understood by IPBES and by the values assessment in an inclusive way, encompassing multiple perspectives and understandings of the natural world, such as biodiversity and those perspectives of indigenous peoples and local communities who use and embody concepts like Mother Earth.

The assessment report on values and valuation of nature
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